Product Review: Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars


One of the best parts of getting to travel the country to race or work at races is the people you meet along the way. Recently, while at the Idaho City 100 off-road race, I spent about 45 minutes in the sign up line with Kate Schade, a racer from Victor, Idaho who seemed to be a best friend with everyone at the event. At this point in the weekend I was shaking in my sneakers about how I was going to complete a six and a half hour race in unfamiliar terrain while Kate, who has an ultra-marathoner physique, was casually going on about racing the two-day 230 mile option as she tried to qualify for the Women’s team at the International Six Days Enduro.

As it turns out, Kate is also the proprietor of Kate’s Real Food, a company she founded out of necessity to meet her needs as a young ski-bum who spent long days on the slopes at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You probably all know about Power Bars, CLIF bars, etc., and while we’ve used them for many years, Kate’s Real Food Bars rewrite the book on how good an energy bar can taste and still be effective.

Kate’s bars come in five different flavors with unique names like the original Tram Bar, Grizzly Bar, Handle Bar, Stash Bar and Tiki Bar. Organic oats and honey are the foundation in most of the bars and one of the company’s objectives is to utilize wholesome ingredients from responsible organic farms. Each of the flavors are packed with a complex blend of carbs and protein, but most of all they are easily digestible and taste great.


I made a complete switch to Kate’s bars for a full week of training leading up to a recent enduro in Wyoming, as well as during the race itself and found no let down from my previous energy bar source. During the race, where we typically with have a couple of 5-10 minute breaks during the four plus hour run, I especially liked how easily the bars were digested, which is huge when you have to jump back on the bike and start jammin’.

We can’t say enough about how good these bars are and the fact that they are made by a fellow riding enthusiasts who is all about promoting outdoor opportunities and works with ambassadors in snow, moto, off-road, mtb, climbing hiking and skiing.

Kate’s bars retail for $2.79-$3.29, depending on the flavor and are available individually or in cases of 12. If you’d like to give Kate’s bars a try, they are offering a one-time 40% discount to SnoX365 followers. Simply go to their online STORE and enter the code SNOX40 (all caps) when checking out.

For more info, go to: www.katesrealfood.com