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Levi Ensrud is a a former snocross racer and long-time tour mechanic who is currently Tim Tremblay’s go-to guy on the Scheuring Speed Sports team, as well as part-time truck driver. He is also one of the most opinionated guys on the tour who, often time, raises some valid points in his rants.  To add fuel to Levi’s fire, email  geargrinder@snox365.com

I sure think its funny how everyone watches X Games and says holy shit, Tucker jumped the start and didn’t get penalized?  We see replays, people have opinions and people post things all over FB and stuff.

Question: Does it really matter?      Answer: F… NO  #1 T-train is killing it this year whether he starts first, last, dead engine, doesn’t matter, period!! #2 There is no way on live TV that they’re going to stop the race for a false start and then realign everyone. #3 There is no way ESPN  X Games story line is going to be put in jeopardy and the chance of the 7 peat gets ruined. So move on, stop crying, try again next year and keep trying to beat #68. BTW congrats to the #68 #53 and #168!!

When oh when are other gear manufacturers going to step up like FXR?? I mean their stuff is everywhere this year!!! I mean come on people, in moto, week in and week out guys have new gear, new colors and it’s every gear company. Looking wicked on and off the track is something that has to step up from everyone. I wish just like everyone else that we didn’t have the orange rule, trust me i think it’s weak too, but that doesn’t mean we still cant have better stuff….so here is my take …step it up other companies and feed off each other to keep pushing our sport and not just make guys look cool at winter x only!!!

Okay, had enough? Not yet, one more rant for this week between Aspen and Deadwood. When is the Pro Open class going to be the pro “open” class again? Honestly has the current rule made it cheaper for any team/manufacturer? Hell no!!! I know the teams out there are not saving an extra 100k a year cause of this rule change.If anything they’re spending more than ever. Because now teams that are tied to manufacturers have to wait two to three years for an engine to become better. the process is too long for one to catch the other. I want the old Pro Open class with more horsepower, louder pipes, nasty fuel and teams that develop their own stuff again!! Why wait on the OEM’s to make the changes when we could keep the progress going in our sport. That is all for this week, send in your questions or comments to grindinggears@snox365.com and I will argue with anything. Haha, so if you don’t like it?? well, its to bad. Haha


  1. snoballs

    January 31, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    watch replay close, lite was green, he did not jump, much better reaction time!! my knee jerk reaction was he jumped, but replays show otherwise, time for all of the pros to step up the pressure, i like seeing tucker win, but like to see more battling for the top three spots. as for pro open i agree, and as far as that goes, bring back open to pro lite!!! give pro lite pipe snd head rules, let open be open for pro!!!

  2. StevenZ91

    January 31, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Yes, we all saw that Tucker jumped the start. Any snocross guy could plainly see that, but I agree that even if they restarted or sent him to the back row would not have changed the outcome of the race. Tucker is a machine, but he is not invincible. There have been instances in heat races in which he has been beaten by underdogs, but he usually changes everything in the final You can compare Tucker’s winnings to when Carmichael left the mx scene. Stewart dominated for a while. Same thing has happened since Blair’s unfortunate accident. Take out the only person that can give him a real challenge and it’s like taking candy from a baby. Hopefully Tucker’s future doesn’t end up like Stewart’s haha. But anyways, yes bring back the true “Open Class.” I want to see and hear huge HP engines, loud pipes, smell the toxic fumes of race gas, and see teams push the limits of design and engineering into building the BEST performing sleds that they can provide for their riders. Now I can respect that the machines out there now are some of the finest, but in reality they are quite mediocre souped up lites sleds. Lets bring back the true open class! Port those cylinders, custom pipes and exhausts, and sweet custom work. It’s not like the teams are saving money with this new rule. Might as well just spend the money on making their machines better and faster. Ok done ranting and giving my $.02.

  3. Snopro21

    February 1, 2014 at 12:28 am

    You need to get your eyes checked seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0dXfPzHw6k&feature=youtube_gdata_player. He did not jump, hilarious people thought he did. People will find any reason to hate though. As Levi said doesn`t matter he would have came back anyways.

  4. Cameron from WI

    February 2, 2014 at 12:54 am

    Speaking of Pro Open, how come there are only 14-16 racers at any given National Tour stop. I realize that there is some attrition but come on. I feel like it casts a bad light on the sport when the premier class barely, or sometimes not quite even, fields a whole final. What can be done to increase entries into what should, in theory, be the class that draws the most outside attention to the sport?