Race Recap – IWA Ely, MN


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By Trent Maurer

The IWA made it’s 4th stop of the season in beautiful Ely, MN this past weekend. The weekend organized  by both the Ely Watercross Association and the IWA went off without a hitch with good weather and great racing. Ely Watercross Association has a great location just outside of town and looks to keep the sport of Watercross growing for years to come. They have already announced plans for the band Hairball to provide after race entertainment for next year’s race.

Ely proved to be anyone’s race. As rumors surfaced of one racer taking time off,  a couple racers found their first podiums while others continued to dominate the circuit. The next stop in the IWA tour is the Superior Watercross Shootout August 16-17 at Barker’s Island in Superior, Wisconsin. 


Dale Lindbeck looked good all weekend in heat racing but is still looking to reclaim the top spot.


Tyler Bethke going for a wild ride and saved it coming out of the corner.


Aaron Godeen showed some major improvement this weekend going bar to bar for in some very close racing.


Cole Engstrand made it to his final while putting together an overall great weekend of racing between him and his brother.


Joe Swanson also took his first win but had to borrow a sled for his victory lap after a post race mishap.


Mike Simmons and David Fischer battling in Pro Drags.


Austin McCurdy also had a good weekend but sank in the final bringing his winning streak to an end.


Brian McCurdy Jr. extended his Pro-Open points lead proving he is the one to beat this year. McCurdy went undefeated all weekend.


David Fischer posted solid results making all of his finals.


Rachel O’Brien won the Women’s Oval while showing steady and consistent racing form.


Blake Pendzimas took his first win this weekend. Good job Blake!


Derek McPheeters also had a good weekend but had a nasty off in his final that required some stitches but plans on being back out on the water next weekend.