Arctic Cat Designates Production Racer For XC



Arctic Cat has long been a driving force in cross-country racing and, in fact, has been the only manufacturer in recent years to offer an XC version of a 600cc “race sled”. For 2015, the brand from Thief River Falls is taking it a step further with the introduction of the ZR 6000 R-XC. The new model is based on the ZR 6000 RR trail sled introduced last season, which means it shares an identical Procross chassis and C-TEC2 600 engine with electronic fuel and oil injection. The differences are primarily centered around track, ski-stance and suspension calibration to meet competition guidelines and handle the additional rigors or racing.

There are also quite a number add-ons and tweaks that really do make this sled race-ready straight off of the assembly line and we can’t wait to see and ride one when that day comes. See the spec sheet below for the full list of details and differences between the RR and R-XC.


 2015 ZR 6000 R XC VERSUS 2015 ZR 6000 RR 

• Both models have Arctic Cat-Built C-TEC2 600 engine with Electronic Fuel and Oil Injection. In addition to Team Arctic racers, the 2015 ZR 6000 R XC is also available to consumers on a limited basis. Consumers should visit their local Arctic Cat dealer for availability.

• Both models utilize the Procross Chassis, the 2015 ZR 6000 R XC adds Cross Country Racing Features for Improved Performance. Below are the following comparisons:

Additional tunnel brace added around lower chaincase for increased strength 

New outer rear suspension brackets for increased strength 

Front bulkhead, front spars, and rear spars use 10mm mounting for increased strength 

Production RR uses 8mm fasteners which is used on all other Procross chassis 

• 43.5” wide Arctic Race Front Suspension

RR models come with 42-inch ski stance 

Race Style Spindle and Ski Damper adds pressure to the rear of the ski for improved cornering and handling 

Larger diameter tie rods (same as 2014 ZR 6000 R race models) for increased strength 

5-Inch Trail Ski allows Arctic Cat to maintain required 48-inch overall vehicle width 

2015 ZR 6000 RR comes with 6-inch trail ski 

• Float Evol RC Ski shocks with wide range hand adjustable Compression and Rebound Adjust

Different length to accept the wider ski stance 

XC Race Valve specification which is a little stiffer than the current RR package 

• Stationary Clutch Guard with Spare Belt mounting

New clutch guard design with Pipe mount and spare belt mount 

Addition of spare belt mounting on clutch guard not available on RR models. 2015 ZR 6000 RR models come standard with spare belt bag mounted to the rear tunnel. 

• Race Proven TEAM Secondary Clutch with Race Driven Shaft

TSS-04 TEAM clutch, same model that has been used on the 2014 ZR 6000 XC racing snowmobiles (and prior) 

Race driven shaft to mate with the Team Driven 

RR models come with the Arctic Roller Driven 

• Revised XC race Drive clutch calibration gives a little more aggressive punch stepping into the throttle

• Offset Ski spacers for Adjustable Ski Stance

– Additional ski spacing options for Ice racing applications 

More adjustment than Production RR model 

• 2.86” Pitch 8 tooth Track Drive shaft for Added Ground Clearance

Production RR comes with 9 tooth 2.86” pitch track drive 

• 2.86” Pitch 129”x15”x1.25” Cobra Track

Production RR comes with 1.25” Ripsaw track 

• Torque Overload Sensing (TOS) Bottom chain sprocket for eliminating spike loads into the drivetrain

Same TOS sprocket as 2014 XC Racer 

23/40 gearing (change for 8 tooth track drive) 

Production RR comes with standard 48 tooth bottom sprocket (22/48 Gearing) 

• Race Proven Brake Caliper and Pads for improved wear and increased stopping power

Same Brake Caliper as 2014 ZR 6000 XC Racing Snowmobile 

o Larger Bridge bolts for increased stiffness 

o Low pressure seals for less resistance when lever is pulled 

o Offset friction material on pads for more even wear under high pressure 

New Brake Pad Friction material has increased braking power at elevated brake temperatures 

Production RR has the standard caliper with 2014 Race Friction Material 

• High-Grip Seat Cover

Additional High-Grip fabric on Seat cover for added grip 

• New Rear Suspension Geometry for Improved handling

Lengthened out Front torque arm 2” from Standard RR 

o Allows Arctic Cat to run more front arm travel but still maintain transfer control 

New Rail Profile to match the front arm travel and 8 tooth driver diameter for optimal track/driver/rail interface 

• FOX 1.5 Zero C Center Track Shock with wide range hand adjustable compression

XC Race Valve specification which is a little stiffer than the current RR package 

• FOX 2.0 Zero RC Rear Track Shock with adjustable Compression and Rebound

XC Race Valve specification which is a little stiffer than the current RR package 

• 7 Position Rear Coupling for a wide range of transfer control

Production RR has 4 position coupling 

• New rail cap for improved durability

• Revised rear axle adjust blocks for improved durability

Race proven rear axle and adjustment, 4 wheel kits available 

Production RR comes with Tri-Hub Rear Axle assembly 

• 11.7 Gallon Clear Fuel Tank (same volume as Production RR)

Production RR comes with Standard Black fuel tank 

• Lightweight Torque Control Link (TCL) Engine Mounting System to Maintain Proper Clutch Alignment

Lighter weight TCL engine mount with 4-bolt driven hub to work with TEAM Driven 

Production RR uses an Extruded TCL with 6-bolt driven hub