Photo Recap – CSRA Kawartha Cup


By Shelby Mahon

The AMSOIL Kawartha Cup was held February 7-8th at the Lindsay Exhibition Ground in Lindsay, Ontario. This was also the events’ 50th Anniversary in Lindsay.

On Saturday in the Pro Open class #73 Lee Butler (Arctic Cat, Royal Distributing, FXR) widened his points lead over current National Champion #93 Iain Hayden. Butler took home the 1st place plaque followed by #799 Stale Eggen (Bailey Motorsports, Ski-Doo) from Norway. #18 Mitchell King (Barnett Motorsports, Ski-Doo) placed 3rd after taking advantage of Hayden’s mechanical issues that had him unable to finish the race. Hayden’s teammate #421 Dylan Hall was also put out of the race after a tangle up that resulted in his mod-sled catching fire.

In the Pro-Lite class #211 Blake Taylor (London Recreation, Ski-Doo) once again took home 1st place. #151 Jacob Gervais (G-Force Racing, Polaris) battled it out with current points competition #127 Derek Sanftenberg (Arctic Cat). Gervais gained some much-needed points placing 2nd, followed by Sanftenberg in 3rd.

The highly competitive sport 600 class saw a shake up in podium finishes on Saturday with #422 Joel Paquette (Bull Powertrain, Ski-Doo) receiving his first 1st place finish in the class. #188 Scott VandeBorne (London Recreation, Ski-Doo) took 2nd followed by #226 David Solecki (5th Line Racing, Royal Distributing, Polaris) who had his first podium finish in the Sport 600 class finishing in 3rd.

For the Pro Open on Sunday it was Lee Butler (Arctic Cat, Royal Distributing, FXR) who had some issues after crashing twice during the final. #93 Iain Hayden (Rockstar Energy, OTSF, Polaris) was left to battle it out with his teammate #421 Dylan Hall. Hayden came out on top followed by Hall, #799 Stale Eggen (Bailey Motorsports, Ski-Doo) placed 3rd.

In the pro-lite class a small shuffle of podium positions had #151 Jacob Gervais (G-Force Racing, Polaris) in 1st, followed by #127 Derek Sanftenberg (Arctic Cat) in 2nd. Yesterdays winner #211 Blake Taylor (London Recreation, Ski-Doo) took the 3rd podium position after battling hard with ISOC racer #444 Brady Love (Tycon, Ski-Doo) who joined us after competing in New York on Friday and Saturday.

#335 Taylor McCoy (McCoy Racing, Ski-Doo_ got his first podium finish of the weekend placing 1st followed closely by his competition #226 David Solecki (5th Line Racing, Polaris) and #422 Joel Paquette (Bull Powertrain, Ski-Doo). Solecki placed 2nd followed by Paquette.

The Royal Distributing Cup, round 5, of CSRA snowcross action will be February 14th & 15th in Barrie, Ontario.


Brady Love stopped by on Sunday his way home from the New York ISOC race on Friday and Saturday. Brady was battling hard for 2nd in the Pro Lite final when he crashed hard and couldn’t recover in time.

Brady Love stopped by on Sunday his way home from the New York ISOC race on Friday and Saturday. Brady was battling hard for 2nd in the Pro Lite final when he crashed hard and couldn’t recover in time.


Izac is just as fast off his sled has he is on it. Can anyone say EJECT! Photo: Tyler Wright


Teammates #226 David Solecki and #190 Dave Munshaw go head-to-head every weekend in the Sport 600 class.


Pro Women’s current points holder and last season National Champion Angela Vacchino spent the weekend protecting her points lead over Alexa Callan.


The Rockstar Energy Girls were showing off the brand new prize donated by Factory Recreation in Midland to the year-end Season Points Champion of the Pro-Lite class.


The Pro autograph session is always a favourite with the crowds!


The man behind the action.


At snowcross races everyone’s always willing to lend a hand. Rebecca Ramsay and her Dad got a helping hand on Saturday.


Lee Butler #73 took the win on Saturday in the Pro Open class but took a couple nasty crashes in the final on Sunday.


Izac Reid has been lighting the track up in the Sport 600 class


Dylan Hall on his OTSF Rockstar Polaris fends off the snowstorm from Norway, Stale Eggen, during a Pro Open heat race on Saturday.


One of my favourite shots at any race event is always the encouragement from the pits!


David Solecki has been looking exceptionally sharp this season with his FXR gear and 100% goggles.


Stale Eggen and the rest of the racers Sunday afternoon were forced to ditch their iced over goggles during their races due to freezing rain. Now that’s some serious dedication!