Power Shops Coming To ERX


In response to requests  for permanent work space at the ERX practice and race track in Elk River, Minnesota, the facility  has announced the addition of a multi-unit “Power Shop” that will be available for rent on a first come basis this season.

Key details:

 Each shop space will be 20’ wide by 50’ long

  • Shops will feature work benches, great lighting, ample power, heat and in-floor drains
  • Each space will have a 14’ x 14’ overhead door and a service door
  • There will be a commons area with bathrooms and showers, accessible only by Power Shop Renters
  • Spaces will be leased for 12-month terms, with off-season sub-leasing options available
  • Mezzanine construction for additional space will be an option


The ERX Power Shops will be ready for use by November 1st 2015.  Demand thus far has been strong  so teams interested in space should contact Heidi ASAP at 763-712-3965 or hgoodin@sportechinc.com