Race Recap – D23 Brookston, MN

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Story & Photos: Samantha Laderer

This past Sunday, riders headed to the north country to ride at Echo Valley in Brookston, Minnesota. For those who don’t know where it is, it’s 30 minutes east of Duluth on Highway Two. To those who have traveled north to race here, they say it is by far one of the most beautiful and scenic tracks in the District 23 series. 

This track, unlike some others is more natural terrain, which for some can be more challenging. Josh Tyler, who races in several vet classes loves the natural terrain and enjoys coming to the track each time. 

Josh Tyler heading up the hill toward the finish line

Josh Tyler heading up the hill toward the finish line

On Sunday, Tyler raced in three different class; 25+ C, 30+ C, and 35+ C. In his 25+ they dropped several classes together. He was fourth in the hole shot in moto one against two other vet classes. Running in second the first two laps, Tyler was in the chase to catch Wes Lorence and was able to after Lorence made a mistake and went down in a corner. Tyler was then able to get a good gap between the two of them and take the win.

In the second moto, it went a little easier for Tyler. He took the hole shot on the whole group this time and pulled ahead. A few A and B riders finally caught Tyler at the end of the first lap to pass him, but that was okay because he was still in the lead for his class. With another moto win, Tyler got first overall in not only the 25+ class, but also his 35+. He got second overall in his 30+ class. Not too bad of a day for Tyler.

However, in the 250 C class, a major battle worth watching occurred in both motos. Mitchel Thelen and Gavin Love went back and forth nearly every lap, and neither of them were backing down. Thelen, who is well known for his skills on a sled during the winter, has been pushing hard in the motocross scene this year and has won nearly every race.  


Kyle Love saying hi to the crowd as he takes the win in the vet class.

In the first moto, Thelen took the hole shot with Love to his right and Jay Lura to his left. Thelen lead the first lap but made a small mistake, which allowed for Love to make a pass to take over the first position. With only two laps to go, Love tipped over in a corner allowing for Thelen to take back over the lead. Love caught back up but was unable to make another pass. Lura and Ryan Dale finished out the top four.

Second moto was a little wet after mother natural decided to water the track. Thelen was able to rip down the start to get another hole shot, but Love struggled, which meant for a game of catch up. by the time Love caught back up to second place there was only one lap to go. Thelen was able to keep a good lead and managed to take the win with Love right behind him. 

“All in all, our battles were great and he definitely kept me on my toes,” said Thelen. 

When asked about what he thought about the changes to the track, Thelen said that he enjoyed them all, especially the new section off the hole shot because it made the start more technical. 

Deegan Leaf doesn't give up getting up the hill to the finish line on his little PW50.

Deegan Leaf doesn’t give up getting up the hill to the finish line on his little PW50.

Although it rained for about ten minutes total throughout the day, it made for a nice tacky track. It was the perfect amount of rain. Echo Valley will be hosting another race at the end of June. For more information on the track or directions follow their Facebook page. 

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Tommy “the Goon” Coon gets a little sideways over grandma’s table top.


Tim Rasmusson breaks in his new Yamaha in the +25 B class.


Matt Lamourea getting some air in the 85cc class


Zion Bourskin has his sight set on the win.

Colton Lampi stretches it out over the new step up.

Colton Lampi stretches it out over the new step up.