New Product – Rox DYO Handguards


Rox Speed FX has launched a new online order system for their popular Flex-Tec handguards that allows customers to design their own color combo to be built with a one-off custom look. For more information, follow this link to their Design Your Own page.

Retail: $160


  • Made in the USA
  • Handguards are custom made to order 1 set at a time, so there is a 3-4 week production time
  • FOR SLEDS: Standard Mounts will work on all sleds except Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb models, Yamaha SRViper, and Polaris Snowmobiles that come with factory Pro Taper handlebars. Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb Models should use our Hayes Mounts and Polaris sleds with the Pro Taper HI-BEND Bars should use our Pro Taper Mounts. We don’t currenty have mounts that will work on Pro Taper Medium/Low Bend Bars.
  • FOR ATVS: ATV Mounts will work on all brands/models of ATVs with at least 1/2″ of open bar area  to mount them.
  • With over 1,600 different possible combinations your options are nearly limitless. Pick your colors to create your own killer guards
  • Note #1: The thread color for the stitching on the handguards will vary and will be determined by our sewing team. We make every effort to use a thread color that is the least noticeable, but depending on the colors chosen some thread may stand out more than others.
  • Note #2: Every computer/phone/tablet displays colors differently, so we can’t guarantee colors will match exactly what is displayed on your specific screen. Each set of these handguards is made to order, so we can’t accept returns based upon the difference between the colors on your screen and the actual handguards. That being said, our handguards are still covered by our extensive warranty. If you manage to break them, lose the hardware, etc just reach out. Our USA based technical support team will do everything they can to take care of you. More questions? Just give us a call at 218-326-1794.