Race Recap – TORC Elk River, MN

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ELK RIVER, Minnesota (July 17, 2016) – CJ Greaves dominated a big weekend of short course truck racing at ERX Motor Park as TORC: The Off-Road Championship presented by AMSOIL made its first ever stop at a new Minneapolis track.

Greaves won both PRO 4WD and PRO 2WD on Sunday to make it a weekend sweep in both classes, while the Atturo Tire PRO Light win went to Shawn Morris. And in a first for the TORC Series, Corry Weller and Scott Decker came out on top in the brand new PRO UTV competition.


Double defending champion CJ Greaves made it a perfect weekend on Sunday with a win in PRO 4WD over his hard-charging father, Johnny Greaves.

After taking the early lead on Sunday, the younger Greaves drove a flawless race at the front and didn’t give his father any opportunities to get by. “I knew he may have been a little bit quicker, but he was probably throwing it in and taking a few more chances than me,” said CJ Greaves. “Catching me was one thing, getting around me was a different thing. I learned that yesterday: you can ride someone’s butt the whole entire race and unless they make a mistake, you’re not getting by.”

Chad Hord ran up front from the start to earn a third-place result in Sunday racing, and he leaves Elk River fourth in the PRO 4WD championship points — behind leader Johnny Greaves, CJ Greaves, and Scott Douglas.

PRO 4WD Results:

1 CJ Greaves

2 Johnny Greaves

3 Chad Hord

4 Mike Jenkins

5 Scott Douglas

6 Ross Hoek

7 Mark Kvamme

8 Kent Brascho

CJ Greaves en route to the win in PRO 2WD at Round 8. (CREDIT: TORC Series)


CJ Greaves took his fourth-straight PRO 2WD win of the season on Sunday while Keegan Kincaid came back from a tough crash on a day earlier to earn a runner-up result in his backup truck. 

Between them, the two drivers have won every PRO 2WD race this year, and so it was no surprise that while they both started at the back of the field on Saturday, they didn’t stay there for long.

Off the start, Nick Tyree, Rodney Van Eperen, and Arie Luyendyk Jr. hit the first turn three wide, with Tyree taking the lead. But the San Diego native couldn’t hold off Greaves for long.

Meanwhile, Kincaid raced his way into third and was looking to make a move when Tyree pulled off the track with his truck on fire and brought out the yellow flag. When racing resumed, Kincaid stormed into second place and set his sights on Greaves. But the defending champion would not be denied and Kincaid crossed the line in second.

PRO 2WD Results:

1 CJ Greaves

2 Keegan Kincaid

3 Brad Lovell

4 Rodney Van Eperen

5 Arie Luyendyk Jr.

6 Nick Tyree

Atturo Tire PRO Light

Shawn Morris scored his second career victory in Atturo Tire PRO Light after a rough and tumble race Sunday that saw him forced to defend his lead through multiple restarts. 

“My secret is my crew,” said an emotional Morris at the finish. “My guys are always here for me. I’m so happy!”

Bobby Runyan Jr. had the early lead but dropped behind Morris and battled to the competition yellow to stay ahead of points leader Kyle Hart. Chaos reigned for the second half as Runyan got a flat tire, Saturday’s winner Andrew Carlson lost his hood, Cam Reimers rocketed off the track and Luke Johnson brought out a yellow flag with a rollover. 

In the end, it was an exciting drag race to the finish, with Morris taking the win over Travis Dinsmore, and Cam Reimers holding on for third. Hometown driver Andrew Carlson finished tenth.

Atturo Tire PRO Light Results:

1 Shawn Morris

2 Travis Dinsmore

3 Cam Reimers

4 Kyle Kleiman

5 Kyle Hart

6 Luke Johnson

7 Chad Rayford

8 Cody Kleiman

9 Bobby Runyan Jr.

10 Andrew Carlson

11 Jake Lunderby

12 Andrew Kossak

13 Ben Roper




In the second UTV PRO race of the doubleheader weekend, Corry Weller and Jason Luburgh picked up where they left off, battling for the lead early on in their PRO Stock UTVs.

In a race that combined both PRO Modified and PRO Stock UTVs, Weller marched to first while Treavis Poynter took a big overall lead in his PRO Modified. Scott Decker, also racing a PRO Modified, was able to power through the field to third at the competition yellow. He moved to second on the restart and inherited the lead when Poynter lost his rear suspension. Weller maintained the overall lead until Decker made a last lap pass to win the PRO Modified class. 

Weller, who finished second a day earlier, took the Sunday victory in the PRO Stock class. “It was great,” she said. “The race yesterday got me familiar with the track. We made a few setup adjustments that were phenomenal, so today was a whole different ballgame.”

The UTV PRO classes joined the TORC Series this year for the first time this season. They will return for the series’ next stop in Bark River, Michigan, July 30-31, and will be back again for the season ender in Crandon, Wisconsin, on Labor Day Weekend.


It was an exciting day of firsts for TORC: The Off-Road Championship presented by AMSOIL as high powered trucks tackled the brand new ERX Motor Park for the first time, and PRO UTV racing debuted in the series.

Double defending champion CJ Greaves put in an outstanding performance on Saturday to win Saturday’s PRO 4WD and PRO 2WD races, while hometown favorite Andrew Carlson took his first career victory in Atturo Tire PRO Light.

Drivers had nothing but rave reviews for the brand new TORC Series track, which offered big action for fans and exciting challenges for drivers as the sandy surface evolved during competition. “Hats off to all the Carlson crew and everyone who worked their butts off to put this track together,” said Greaves. “It’s one of a kind. 

TORC Series racing resumes on Sunday for the second day of doubleheader action at ERX Motor Park.


CJ Greaves capped an exciting opening day at the ERX Motor Park with a win in the PRO 4WD class. He battled his father, three-time champion Johnny Greaves, to take the win. “He doesn’t make mistakes very often,” said the younger Greaves, who also won the PRO 2WD contest on Saturday. “I chased him that whole race and was just waiting for that one mistake.”

The mistake happened with one lap to go as the veteran racer bicycled on two wheels, losing just enough momentum for his son to make the pass for the lead. Johnny Greaves had to settle for second, while Chad Hord finished third.

PRO 4WD Results:

1.         CJ Greaves

2.         Johnny Greaves

3.         Chad Hord

4.         Scott Douglas

5.         Mike Jenkins

6.         Ross Hoek

7.         Kent Brascho

8.         Mark Kvamme


CJ Greaves earned his fourth PRO 2WD win of the season on Saturday, locking down his position after rival Keegan Kincaid crashed out of the lead.

“It sucks to see Keegan go out like that,” Greaves said. “He and I have been running for the championship the last couple years and I love racing with him. I was waiting for the caution and picking out the lines I needed to get quicker and suddenly, I came over the jump and saw him get a little bit sideways and just went flipping.”

Kincaid was unharmed, but his truck was badly damaged and it is not yet known whether it can be repaired in time for Sunday’s Round 8 on this doubleheader weekend. Arie Luyendyk Jr. also showed promise early and was running as high as second, but he was forced to retire from the race with a mechanical issue. His team is working to return the truck to competition for Sunday.

PRO 2WD Results:

1.         CJ Greaves

2.         Brad Lovell

3.         Nick Tyree

4.         Arie Luyendyk Jr.

5.         Keegan Kincaid

6.         Rodney Van Eperen

Andrew Carlson takes his first career win in the Atturo Tire PRO Light class.  (CREDIT: TORC Series)

Andrew Carlson takes his first career win in the Atturo Tire PRO Light class. 

Atturo Tire PRO Light

Andrew Carlson took an unforgettable hometown win in the Atturo Tire PRO Light class on Saturday, battling back a hard charging Travis Dinsmore to earn his first-ever career victory. 

“This is awesome!” said Carlson, whose family developed the new Elk River track. “I know how much work went into this whole deal and for it to be this cool, it’s just awesome. It wasn’t easy. Travis kept me honest.”

While Carlson and Dinsmore battled up front, a war raged behind them. Chad Rayford brought out the red flag with a scary nosedive into the dirt after a big jump. He was unharmed but the truck was too badly damaged to continue.

When racing resumed, Kyle Hart — who dropped to last when he ducked into the hot pit with a left-rear flat after contact with Shawn Morris — made an impressive move from last to third to edge onto the podium. The result was enough to keep him in the Atturo Tire PRO Light points lead with six races to go in the 2016 championship season.

Atturo Tire PRO Light Results:

1.         Andrew Carlson

2.         Travis Dinsmore

3.         Kyle Hart

4.         Luke Johnson

5.         Kyle Kleiman

6.         Bobby Runyan Jr.

7.         Cam Reimers

8.         Jake Lunderby

9.         Andrew Kossak

10.       Cody Kleiman

11.       Ben Roper

12.       Shawn Morris

13.       Chad Rayford


Jason Luburgh took the first checkered flag of PRO UTV competition in TORC: The Off-Road Championship this weekend as the new class of racers joined the series for the very first time. “It’s been a great weekend,” said Luburgh from the Winner’s Circle. “The track is amazing and we’re really glad to be part of this series.”

A combined race saw UTV PRO Stocks and UTV PRO Modifieds racing side-by-side. UTV PRO Stock racer Nathan Stowers led the field to the green, but dropped back as off-road veteran Cory Weller and Jason Luburgh moved to the front of the field.

Luburgh shot into the lead when Weller faltered in the hairpin turn. A big roll from UTV PRO Stock racer Jeremy Houle brought out the competition caution and Luburgh held strong to the line for a win. Second place in UTV PRO Stock went to Weller, while Zach Szymik took third.

In UTV PRO Modified, it was Darin Howie who took the win with Matt Schuette in second. Scott Decker rounded out the podium in third. 

UTV racers join the TORC Series this year for championship stops in Elk River, Minnesota, this weekend, Bark River, Michigan, July 30-31, and Crandon, Wisconsin, September 2-4. The TORC Series plans to expand the schedule in 2017, bringing UTV racers into the entire championship calendar.

Live and on-demand HD digital broadcasts of each round of the 2016 TORC Series are available, free of charge, at www.torcseries.com. Tape-delayed television programming of championship racing also airs on FS2, with exciting 90-minute shows slated for Thursday nights in primetime.