2017 NEPG Schedule Announced

  1. Feb 5th Sumter, SC
  2. March 19th Daytona Beach, FL
  3. April 30th Forest Hill, LA
  4. June 4th Greensboro, GA
  5. July 23rd Cross Fork, PA
  6. August 20th Matthews, IN
  7. Sept 17th Park Hills, MO
  8. Oct 15th Sand Springs, OK
  9. Nov 5th Stanton, AL

The 2016 Rekluse Expert-AA class championship is the closest that it has been in the classes history going into the final round of the season. 3 riders are within 6 points of each other and no one has an advantage at the final round since it is a new venue on the National Enduro schedule.

Dylan Macritchie from Vermont is the current leader with 161 points, he missed the 1st round of the series but has won the last 2 moving to the top of the class. Nathan Ferderer from Minnesota holds 2nd with 157 points, he also has 2 wins this season. Indiana native Jake Froman has been the most consistent this year, but a 4th at the previous round has him at 155 points in third.

Any of the 3 riders could have a good payday at the end of the season if they have been using Rekluse products, since Rekluse pays a $1,000 championship bonus for the winner of this class using their products

Mechanix Wear gloves presents the 2016 AMA National Enduro Series mechanic of the year award.

At the final round of the series, the mechanics of top 10 pro riders in the 2016 series will cast their votes for the Mechanix Wear mechanic of the year. The mechanic with the most votes will receive a $1,000 Mechanix Wear gift card for their hard work throughout the season. If the vote is a tie, the winner will be decided by a random drawing.

  1. Russell Bobbitt(Charles Merchant)
  2. Stu Baylor Jr(Stu Baylor Sr)
  3. Grant Baylor(Corey McDonald)
  4. Josh Strang(Dave Hall)
  5. Jesse Groemm(Jeff Pasqua)
  6. Drew Higgins(Kyle Higgins)
  7. Nick Fahringer(Jamie Reed)
  8. Ryder Lafferty  (Matt Bellusci)
  9. Cory Buttrick(Cory Buttrick)
  10. Ron Commo III  (Ron Commo III)