Mobile Medical Unit Coming To Snocross

Perhaps one of the best developments of the snowmobile off-season is the formation of a dedicated Snocross Mobile Medical Team that will travel the entire AMSOIL Championship Snocross tour. The driving force behind this effort, which has been carried out for years in Supercross with the Asterisk Mobile Medical team, is former ISOC chaplain Jake Vanada.

Vanada joined the Supercross and Pro Motocross tours full-time last summer as their chaplain, but will be involved with the first couple of national snocross events and maintains a high regard for the well-being of the hundreds of racers he has interacted with over the past several years.

This effort has gained serious traction since being launched at Hay Days and has already seen some initial gifts pledged to help launch this brand new organization. SMMT is a stand-alone 501c3, not for profit, entity that will operate independent of ISOC. Triton Trailers has been an early adopter of the program and that company has pledged a customized trailer that could ultimately serve as a fully-stocked mobile E.R. unit with exam beds, medical equipment, medication, a check-in station and medical work stations.

Proposed truck and trailer.

Proposed truck and trailer.

Assisting with efforts from the medical side is Dr. John H.L. Odom Jr., a mutual friend of Vanada and ISOC owner John Daniels, with 13 years experience including lead on-site medical doctor and medical director with the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Olympic Team. The group has also formed a board consisting of key influencers and leaders in the snowmobile industry.

The SMMT will soon be seeking donations to reach a first year startup goal of $250,000.  One-time donations from ISOC, O.E.s and major teams have insured the program will have essentials in place for the season opener in Duluth, Minnesota but more help is critical to its on-going success. To learn more, email jvanada@gmail.com or call  651-485-0207